Megyn Kelly Demands $20M/Year Salary From Fox Because “I’ll Be More Valuable To The Network When We Have A Woman President”

Fox News star Megyn Kelly has changed agents and publicity teams since last year. Now the question is if she will change TV networks. Host of “The Kelly File,” one of the cable-news channel’s most popular shows, Kelly is in active talks over her contract, which expires next July. Her profile has been rising during the presidential election cycle, in part thanks to a dust-up with Republican candidate Donald Trump. Keeping Kelly aboard is a priority for senior management, including Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of Fox News and co-executive chairman of its parent company, 21st Century Fox.

Asked to comment, Kelly told media outlets that she is “re-negotiating her contract in accordance with the changing political situation in the country.” Asked to elaborate, “The Kelly File” host argued that she is “doing her best” to reflect the fact that for the first time in the history of the United States of America, a woman is a presidential candidate. “And that is a fact of such importance not just for American women, but women around the world as well, that I just had to find my own special way to celebrate. And I have,” she said.

“It’s very simple, though not in a way one would initially think,” Kelly added. “First of all, a woman president represents a precedent in our country’s history, that’s something that has to be acknowledged again and again until we wear out the words; it’s that incredible. And second, when Hillary Clinton makes history, that’s going to reverberate throughout the country in countless ways. One of the ways that’s going to happen is women all over are going to start getting more respect and hopefully, will be treated more equally.”

“Consequently, that will also mean that I will be a far more valuable asset to my network than I am now,” she said. “I think I do okay at the moment, but there’s always room for improvement, so the next logical step, considering everything aforementioned, is to re-negotiate my position at Fox. And while I’m not at liberty to disclose any information pertaining to the negotiation, I can tell you that I’m happy with the way that’s all going. All that’s left is to iron out a couple more details, after which the network will go public with a statement pertaining to everything we’ve talked about.”

Asked what will happen if Donald Trump somehow manages to beat Hillary Clinton, she argued, “That won’t happen, and even if it does – I’m the only female reporter and public figure who’s able to handle him. The re-negotiation is a win-win situation whichever way one chooses to look at it. But since Hillary Clinton will win, maybe female reporters at all of your networks will be given your jobs and I won’t have to listen to such idiotic questions ever again,” Kelly concluded harshly.


Megyn Kelly Demands $20M/Year Salary From Fox Because “I’ll Be More Valuable To The Network When We Have A Woman President”