KFC Ohio Just Posted THE BEST Sign EVER… BLM Pissed Off

A fast-food restaurant in Ohio just posted a sign that’s going to piss off a whole bunch of Black Lives Matter activists.

It doesn’t say “Blue Lives Matter” or even “All Lives Matter,” it’s just an offer of a free meal for all police officers.

The sign, posted on a door of the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Gallipolis, Ohio, shows support for law enforcement with a sign that reads “ALL UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICERS EAT FREE EVERY DAY ALL DAY.”

This surely won’t sit well with BLM supporters.

The picture was apparently first discovered by “Ohio Going Blue”,” a pro-cop website. Eventually, it landed on the computer of the Gallipolis Police Department, which published the same photo.

Providing a free meal to uniformed police officers is a wonderful idea and proves that they’re still respected by many people across the nation, regardless of what the Black Lives Matter movement is ranting over. Also, it’s safe to assume that this restaurant will never be robbed or burned to the ground.


Commenters on the post love the sign and what it means for police officers. “Awesome!! I knew I always loved KFC,” one commenter said. While another pointed out exactly what many people were thinking, “Should be nationwide in all restaurants.”

Men and women in blue across our nation put their lives at risk on a daily basis just to ensure the public’s safety. The least we could do is offer them a free meal while they’re on the job. It’s a great way to say “thank you” to those who deserve it the most.

H/T: endingthefed.com

KFC Ohio Just Posted THE BEST Sign EVER… BLM Pissed Off
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