Leaked Footage Shows How Islam Has Turned Paris Into A Complete HELL HOLE

Every since the Paris terror attacks late last year, France has been on edge. Actually, all of Europe has been on edge. Muslim immigration is at an all time high due to the Middle East being possibly the worst place on earth to live. So the various people of the region have vacated and cashed out. They’re done there and Europe is now the new land of opportunity.

With this mass migration comes the woes of having a poor and mentally undeveloped and unevolved people take over a large section of the population. What many people don’t know is that Muslims and Islam has been slowly turning Europe in to a 3rd world hell hole for many years now. Soon it will be too late, but we can get the word out for that to NOT happen here in America.

Here’s proof that this is something that we must stop. This footage is from Paris in 2014 as Islam spreads and turns the city into one of the worst places to live.

And another with Muslims attacking people for drinking beer.

This isn’t what normal society looks like. This isn’t how the world should operate.

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As long as we have a Democrat in office, this is our future America. This right here.


Soiurce: supremepatriot.com