Lib Tom Brokaw Just Admitted Hillary Has A Disease, “She Has _____”

It’s rare that a member of the biased liberal media establishment will actually come forward and admit that they were wrong and that there’s something amiss with any of their anointed Democratic candidates. Well, an exceptional situation came to pass when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was recently hospitalized. Tom Brokaw, host of NBC’s Meet the Press, admitted that it appears as though Hillary is suffering from a brain disease.

Said Brokaw simply, “I think that she should go to a hospital, see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her.” Brokaw, however, tried to hedge, of course. He still tried to treat the whole things as though it were some kind of Republican plot. Said Brokaw, “It also comes in the context where there has been a very vigorous campaign, both above ground and below ground by the Republicans to raise questions about her health.”

Added Tom, “Rudy Giuliani has been on the air constantly saying, ‘Well I don’t have any facts, but if you look at here, something is amiss.’ Just this morning I had a rather detailed message from a Republican who was inside, and he was raising questions as well saying ‘I didn’t know if this is true, but here are the incidents that we are all watching.’ So that’s in play. We’re already seeing today the social media activity that is going on. This is not something that is going to be dealt with at her daughter’s apartment, in the context of where we are.” What do you think?