Liberal Democratic Leaders Promise Muslim Refugee President After Hillary

How many more terrorist attacks do we need to see before we realize that Islam is not a religion of peace?

Islam is a major problem for the world. Violence is no longer extreme in Islam any more: it’s the norm. Liberals continue to argue that Islam should be accepted inside the United States as a peaceful religion. CNN’s dimwitted lesbian, Sally Kohn, argued this point and was immediately destroyed for taking this type of stance.

I guess she forgot that homosexuals are maimed, burned alive, and thrown from the highest buildings in Muslim cultures.

Sally Kohn is sadly not alone. In fact, a group of students at George Washington University made a bold statement when they created a huge sign and stood in front of the White House to pose for a photo.


Read that sign. The entire thing is insanely preposterous, but most things liberals are in favor of tend to be.

The entire premise, group, and project is unAmerican and not the type of culture we should be teaching in the United States–but guess who openly applauded the group and their efforts?

That’s right, Hillary Clinton herself stated, “this group is heroic and justly needed in a time when we need tolerance.”


It is Islam that treats women as second class citizens, throws homosexuals off roof tops, and carries out terrorist attacks.

The most perplexing thing about Hillary proposing that a Muslim become our president is that Islamic law would create a culture for women and homosexuals that was worse than anything imaginable. Women would not be allowed to vote, drive a car, reveal anything other than their eyes and hands, and their only job would be to serve their husband.


Liberal Democratic Leaders Promise Muslim Refugee President After Hillary