Liberals Told Trump to Keep Jesus Out of the White House, so He Fired Back With THIS

Throughout the duration of his two-term presidency, Barack Obama waged a full-blown war on Christianity, all while appeasing Muslims and pandering to terrorists. But not Donald Trump.

Trump was recently interviewed by David Brody. “Let me switch gears. You know, it wouldn’t be an interview between us if I didn’t ask a ‘God question,’ if you will,” said Brody.

“How has that spiritual journey been for you? Especially being here and knowing the gravity of the office. Do you feel the need to pray more? Where are you on that?”

As Mr. Conservative notes, Obama would have tried to dodge a question like this, but Trump did not hesitate to answer.

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Trump began. “I’ve always felt the need to pray. And you know that… So, I would say that the office is so powerful that you need God even more, because your decisions are no longer, ‘Gee, I’m going to build a building in New York,’ or ‘I’m going to do this.’ These are questions of massive life and death, even with regard to health care. You know we’re working very hard on health care.”

“But there, you’re talking about life and death and you’re talking about better lives,” Trump added. “People living better because they have better health care at a lower price, which we’re working very hard on.”

“So yes, you realize these decisions are all so important—there’s almost not a decision that you make when you’re sitting in this position that isn’t a really life-altering decision. So God comes in even more so.”

I think we can all agree that Islamic-sympathizing Obama would have never made these comments. SHARE this report if you’re glad to have God back in the White House!

Liberals Told Trump to Keep Jesus Out of the White House, so He Fired Back With THIS