Man Drives Up On Vet’s Funeral And SHOCKS With What He’s Caught Doing Outside His Truck

Kenneth Varnes was heading down a Texas road when he saw a funeral procession in the distance. As he got closer, he could tell the hearse was carrying a veteran based on the flags displayed in the vehicle’s windows. That’s when he drove up on the scene and stopped his truck to get out and do what took everyone there by complete shock.

The weather seemed to be reacting appropriately for the somber occasion, as it was pouring rain on the funeral procession. Varnes could have simply stopped to allow the soldier to go by, keeping dry in his truck until he was clear to go. Instead, he decided to get out and do something else.

The young Texas man is a soldier himself stationed at nearby Fort Hood. The loss of this brother in arms hit close to home for Varnes who shares an unspoken “bond” with this hero and demonstrated the definition of the soldier’s creed, or “brotherhood” when he stood at attention in a rigid salute in the pouring rain, according to KWTX. Then, a remarkable event happened, which onlooker Zachary Rummings couldn’t believe when he witnessed it and snapped a picture.

As Varnes was standing is salute, the deluge of rain pouring down on him suddenly let up to a mere trickle. Rummings had no clue who the man in salute was, but respected his gesture and wanted to share it with others, in hopes of someone recognizing him. After sharing the photo on social media, he was able to track Varnes down and thank him for what he did.

“This is probably going to make someone’s day, seeing me stand here, and I know how it is to go through a tough time like that, and I really just did it just to make someone’s day, that was it,” Varnes later explained of his actions. He added that the second he got back in his truck, the rain started pouring again. It was as if the clouds had opened just long enough for his to pay his respects and shine a light on a somber situation.

Man Drives Up On Vet’s Funeral And SHOCKS With What He’s Caught Doing Outside His Truck
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