Massive Obama Scandal…Comes with a 10 Year Prison Sentence

Fox News Channel’s senior judicial analyst and former Judge Andrew Napolitano said that President Barack Obama’s release of five senior Taliban members last summer  from Guantanamo Bay constituted treason.

The judge argued that Obama “aided and abetted” a known terrorist organization by providing them with “material support” when he decided unilaterally to release the terrorists.

 This was done, allegedly in conjunction with the payment of millions of dollars, to secure the release of an American named Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who deserted his post in Afghanistan to defect to the Taliban, only to be taken into captivity.

Even though all of Bergdahl’s former platoon-mates said he was a deserter, and an investigation into his desertion has been completed, the administration is for some reason still sitting on the final verdict of that investigation.

Much has been said since about how the prisoner exchange sent the wrong message to terrorists around the world and only encouraged them to try to take more Americans as prisoners, as they now know there might be a chance at squeezing concessions out of the United States in negotiations.

However, much than simply being a bad idea or an unfortunate message to terrorists, the release of the prisoners from Gitmo could very well have been illegal.

The judge said, “Fact: The Taliban has been declared by the Congress and the president to be a non-state terrorist organization.

“Fact: Federal statute makes it a crime, punishable by ten


Massive Obama Scandal…Comes with a 10 Year Prison Sentence