Meet The Man Behind Hillary’s Social Media Army of Paid Trolls

David Brock is one of those spastic uber-liberals – the kind who screams “RACIST” at the top of his itsy-bitsy lungs if you dare to disagree with him.

He actually kind of looks like Hillary.


Mr. Brock heads up a Hillary Clinton Super PAC called “Correct The Record.”

Interesting name.

Correct the record, as in “Bill’s a rapist, Clinton Foundation is a foreign money laundering scam, Hillary should be in prison for “selling” America down the river, all those dead people were murdered by the Clintons.”

That kind of “correct the record?”

Probably not.

Mr. Brock is working to “correct the record” with an army of zit-faced millennials who are paid to troll social media platforms and verbally assault anyone who disagrees with Hillary.


Brock’s zit-filled troll program is called “Barrier Breakers” – these liberals and their stupid catch phrase names.

Zit Barrier Breakers is Brock’s online goon-squad of paid trolls who surf the web attacking every-bloody-person who types one wrong word about Hillary Clinton on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or anywhere else in the cyber-galaxy.

For me, my cyber hangout is Twitter.

I’m a mouthy Trump supporter with about 26 thousand followers, so I am “approached” by Brocks goon-squad hundreds of times a day.

Thus far, I don’t think we’ve broken barriers or corrected records, but I do enjoy humiliating them in front of 26 thousand people.

You don’t need to be a seasoned social media player to spot one of these trolls. They usually have very low “followers” or “friends,” they lack even a remedial understanding of politics, and they attack you with dorky insults.

Yo Ma’ma Jokes, et al. 

Real “Barrier Breaking” type stuff.

However, Brock paints a much more flattering picture of his online troll army.

He makes the Zit Breakers sound much better than the pizza-faced 27-year-olds sitting in their parent’s basement for 16 hours a day attacking Trump supporters with 1980’s “Trump mafia zingers” that they are.

He claims that Zit Breakers is comprised of former reporters, PR executives, bloggers, and others.

Can you imagine?

“Yeah, I wrote a column for Washinton Post, but I gave that up to troll Trump supporters on Twitter – it’s way more fulfilling.”

It’s a shame Hillary doesn’t have loyal and passionate supporters like Trump does.


Meet The Man Behind Hillary’s Social Media Army of Paid Trolls
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