Morris: Huma Abedin, Clinton And Weiner Are In Serious Trouble

Morris explains the reopening of the Hillary Clinton investigation as he understands it, saying, “What happened here was that, the Congressional Committee subpoenaed and the FBI requested Huma Abedin, her chief aide, to turn over any emails she had that might be relevant to the investigation; and she did.”

Mr. Morris points out that her failure to do so constituted her “breaking the law about the subpoena and breaking her commitment to the FBI voluntarily to turn them over. So this is pretty serious. Her chief aide and Hillary’s main confidant sat on a thousand or more emails that were relevant to their investigation.”

Morris makes the point that “even if the FBI goes down the same road it did before, which is to say yeah there were emails, yeah they should have been turned over, yeah they contained some classified material but no, we’re not going to recommend an indictment, it’s nine days before the election. And the very fact that they’re doing this, which is not their policy, their policy is to stay away from the period before an election, that’s why they wrapped up the investigation in early July, for them to do this really changes this whole game.”

He makes the counter point that it comes at a time when Trump is really hitting his stride, particularly with blue collar voters, by focusing on the Obamacare premium increases that are really roiling the electorate.

He recalls how Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 under a dubious indictment of Caspar Weinberger, Bush’s Defense Secretary. That indictment was filed on the Friday before the election and stopped a surging Bush from overtaking Clinton.

Morris notes the irony that it is now a late criminal proceeding that may have the reverse effect on another Clinton, precluding her from manipulating her way into the White House.


Morris: Huma Abedin, Clinton And Weiner Are In Serious Trouble
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