MSNBC’S Andrea Mitchell Says FBI Just Want To Read Hillary’s Emails Not To Investigate Her

The mainstream media attack apparatus is engaged at full throttle, vacillating between assassinating FBI Director James Comey’s character and perpetrating bald-faced lies, like the one delivered by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday.

Mitchell propped up a key Clinton talking point Thursday, claiming Hillary Clinton is “not under criminal investigation.” This has been a lie repeated by Clinton surrogates. The very purpose of the FBI is to investigate crimes. The bureau’s investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified information is, by definition, a criminal investigation.

Mitchell disgraced herself yet again when she interrupted coverage of a Donald Trump campaign rally to “fact check” the candidate for addressing Comey’s recent announcement that he’d re-opened the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

“She’s [Clinton] not under criminal investigation,” Mitchell lied. “In fact, it’s not an investigation.”

“It’s just a review of the e-mails. She did not lie to the FBI, according to James Comey. There was no grounds to prosecute her. So there are no lies, there’s no criminality.” She fretted: “I don’t know even where to start….but I mean, we have to put it in some context.”

Not surprisingly, MSNBC correspondent Peter Alexander backed up Mitchell, disparaging Trump’s comments on the Comey investigation. Watch bellow.