Muslims Demand Texas Pig Farmer Move So They Can Build A Mosque. His Response – Hosting Pig Races

Some nerve those muslims have. They buy land next to a pig farm and then tell him he should move. And they called the pig farmer a racist?

O.k. so the Pig Farm was there FIRST.   The Muslims KNEW it was pig farm when they bought the land next door!!!………..and they wonder why no body likes them. Well done to the Pig farmer for being a patriotic American and refusing to be bullied.

A Texas pig rancher discovered that Muslims attempting to manufacture a mosque had bought the land by his homestead.

What’s more — the new Muslim landowner really requesting that he clear out.

That is on account of Craig Baker claims a pig cultivate, and the Muslim people group abhors pigs — it’s in the Koran. So with an end goal to “rinse” the land, the Muslim landowner requested that Baker move out.

Dough puncher rather chose to battle back.

Dough puncher began holding pig races each Friday in the meantime Muslims should state their evening supplication.

Presently neighborhood Muslims (and their liberal chumps) are calling him a “supremacist.” (Since when is Islam a “race”?)

This happens all over. There have been numerous small and private airports that have been forced to close in GA. In particular, there was a beautiful little airport next to Stone Mountain in GA. It had been there for DECADES. Then a speculator bought a bunch of property, put up houses and within a few years they had forced the closing of the airport. Said it was endangering families living around it!!! WELL – THE AIRPORT WAS THERE FIRST! And they knew it when they bought it. Private pilots loved that little airport – now it’s gone – just like so many others. This just isn’t right. If a person buys a house near an existing airport they should NOT be able to bring petitions to have it shut down.


Muslims Demand Texas Pig Farmer Move So They Can Build A Mosque. His Response – Hosting Pig Races
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