Must Read: Aunt Milka, Donald Trump Kids Nanny – Talk About Trump Daily Routine

If you try to learn or get more info about the daily routine of the future USA President Donald Trump, you probably know that all info is vague and incomplete. Most of the media out there are just guessing. With just a limited search you can find different info when he starts his day.

Here’s what Trump former nanny Milka Milisavlevik (85) have to say for his family and her eight year long stay in his home. Now she is living quiet and peaceful life. We managed to track her and with the help of our friends in the city where she live, we manage to get this interview…

In Donald Trump family she was simply known as Aunt Milka. She was born and raised in Serbia and during her life she was living in Serbia, Macedonia and USA. She was nanny for Donald Trump sons Donald Junior and Eric more than 8 years. We believe this qualify her as the best source for Donald Trump daily routine:

We will start this interview with very simple question – What kind of person is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is very good and hard working person. He is not lame or lazy (as you can expect from most of the rich people around the world). He is a man who have good and great soul. He loves all people, he simply can’t hate people! He is natural, there is nothing artificial about him. He also love his family, his kids, but also he have love for his employees…

How he treated you as his close employee and worker born abroad?

When he realize that I am from Serbia, he showed genuine interest abut our culture, cuisine and people. I was working there in seventies and eighties and after a very short time he was treated me as a member of his own family. I was there eight years, and he saw me as a member of the family. I felt like in my own home. I remember once when I had my family religions holiday (SLAVA), he told me: Milka, you just can’t work today. Please take day off and spend your SLAVA with your family. I also remember that I was very well paid. I remember him as very generous person. Can you imagine this: Every birthday he gave me a thousand dollars! I was feeling a lot of love in this family – children loved him, he loved all members in the family, and also they loved me. I loved this family more than I loved myself…

How he treated his own family?

I must point out that Donald Trump was especially attentive to their offspring, and sought to devote more time. He was coming home, wash his hands, will leave his jacket in place, because Ivana don’t allow him to throw them anywhere, then he kissed the children. He wanted to keep the kids in his lap so he can speak to them. He asked them how they passed the day, then he asked me few questions about them and what we were doing during the day. I remember he did not play a lot with them, he preferred to talk – says grandmother Milka.
I am sorry that Donald is divided by Ivana because marriage was very well.

What he was eating, any special habit?

Grandmother (aunt) Milka reveals that Trump was not very picky when it comes to food:
“He ate anything. When in hurry, he’d find the a pot of spaghetti in the kitchen and ate directly from the pot. Very often I was cooking for the whole family. I was cooking Mediterranean food and also I was using recipes and I was making dishes which I learned in Serbia and Macedonia. He much-loved stuffed peppers and sarma. In eight years I never saw him to drink alcoholic beverages. He was drinking water or some tomato juice or milk. Once I remember at a birthday party, when president Ronald Reagan was present Donald was drinking only tomato juice.”

What would you say now to him as president? Any message for people in USA?

I would like to send a letter to him and to tell him that: “-I wish him good luck, both in business and in life with Melania and children, as well as to forever remain the president of America. I want to say that I believe he will help his people. I believe he will try to keep America calm and peaceful country.  I also believe he will try to make the world a more peaceful place without any unrest in any country. I remember He was always for peace, not for conflict. In addition, I would like to invite him to come to Serbia. I will prepare for him and his whole family a good home made lunch as I used to do… I remember how Trump was very sad because of NATO’s bombing of Serbia. “He could not bear war and what people are killed. He loves Serbia. He likes Serbian people… He likes all people in the world…

Must Read: Aunt Milka, Donald Trump Kids Nanny – Talk About Trump Daily Routine
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