NANCY PELOSI: Don’t You F**king DARE Bring Up Bill Clinton’s Rapes, They’re In The PAST!

Donald Trump said some things that the left has interpreted as him bragging about sexually assaulting women. Actions speak louder than words however, and while Trump may have bragged about this, Bill Clinton has actually raped and sexually assaulted numerous women. Somehow, Trump is worse, and in fact Nancy Pelosi explains that Bill’s rapes were in the past and are a non-issue.

Pelosi was on Meet the Press Sunday morning and right off the bat, Chuck Todd asked her about the statements Trump was caught on tape making back in 2005. Todd first asked Pelosi to give Hillary some advice if Trump brings up Bill’s sexual assaults and affairs in Sunday’s debate.

Pelosi gave a perfect liberal non-answer by saying Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to ever run for president. Todd tried again, this time asking if it was fair game for Trump to bring up Bill’s horrible record with abusing women.

“No, because you know why? Elections are about the future. They’re about the future,” replied Pelosi.

While it’s true that Bill hasn’t been formally accused of rape in recent history, he sure does have plenty of sexual assault in his past. If that is not relevant, why is something Trump said 11 years ago such a big deal? 2005 is not the future, it’s the past, just like Bill’s rapes and sexual assaults are in the past.

Pelosi actually had more of an explanation about why Bill raping and groping women shouldn’t be a campaign issue:

“He’s talking about something – about Bill Clinton. He’s not on the ballot,” said Pelosi.

That’s also true, but his wife is. Hillary has not only enabled Bill’s sexual assaults, she’s attacked her husband’s victims viciously. Just the fact that Hillary has stood by a man who rapes women and has extramarital affairs is an issue. That Hillary went after these women makes it an extremely relevant issue for someone running on a pro-women platform.

And because Pelosi is a complete lunatic, she managed to put all of the blame on Republicans.

“The important thing to notice in all of this is there isn’t a dime’s bit of difference between Trump and the Republicans in Congress,” she said.

She goes on to say that Republicans don’t respect women, equating abortion opposition from the GOP to Trump’s words. With this comparison, she’s trying to say that respecting life is worse than raping women. Like I said, she’s out of her freakin’ mind.

If Donald Trump had actually raped women, the way Bill Clinton has, would Nancy Pelosi think that was something in the past and not relevant to the election of the future? Of course not. If Trump’s spouse had done something so horrible the way Hillary’s husband has would Pelosi say Melania is not on the ballot? Fat chance.

Not only does this show how hypocritical the democrats are, it exposes them as the worst people on the planet. When Trump said some bad things about women, they one people who were hurt were easily outraged and overly sensitive lefties. When Bill raped and sexually assaulted women, real honest-to-goodness women were hurt. For liberals like Pelosi to say Trump’s crime is greater than Bill’s shows what a despicable piece of shit she is.



NANCY PELOSI: Don’t You F**king DARE Bring Up Bill Clinton’s Rapes, They’re In The PAST!