Obama Never Left! This Is The Real Reason Hawaiian Judge Blocked Newest Travel Ban!

Obama just doesn’t know when to realize that every one of his attempts to undermine President Trump are going to be discovered because the people aren’t ignorant anymore.

President Trump’s most recent travel ban was just blocked earlier tonight by Hawaiian Judge Derrick Kahala Watson.

While at first one might think that this is just another Democrat judge trying to make a pointless stand against President Trump but there is more to the story as usual.

First of all, Judge Watson graduated with none other than Obama from Harvard Law School in 1991 which makes the case that he would lean toward his past classmate’s motives.

Which also makes it unsurprising that none other than Obama himself was seen in Hawaii the day before Judge Watson made his ruling on the travel ban.

But that isn’t the last thing that shows how corrupt and biased this decision was.

The 43 page opinion piece that Judge Watson released just 2 hours after his ruling also points to the fact that it was not written by him or that he wrote it before he ruled, meaning he had already made up his mind before he even ruled on the travel ban.

This decision can’t be allowed to stand because it is obviously the work of Obama and not an unbiased court.

Obama needs to get out of our country’s politics because it is his incompetence that has us in this very situation to begin with.

The Democratic Party is so desperate and without any leadership that they are still using their now ex-president to try and get stuff done because they are completely falling apart as a party.

Obama you had your 8 years and now it is time for our country to recover from your incompetence.

Share this everywhere to show that Obama is still trying to meddle in our country’s affairs!

Obama Never Left! This Is The Real Reason Hawaiian Judge Blocked Newest Travel Ban!