New Ad NAILS Hillary on Benghazi and LYING COVER UP. Help this go viral

Here’s a first preview of an awesome new ad made by the AMERICA COMES FIRST PAC on Hillary’s lies on Benghazi.   It’s short (only 30 seconds) but hits the highlights (or low lights I should say) but hammers home the fact that SHE is a CROOKED EVIL LIAR.


Another great thing about this short clip is the the file we were sent is small enough or anyone to E-mail or even TEXT to all of their friends,  Especially their confused friends still in denial about who (what) Hillary really is.  Please help Donald Trump and send this article (and clip) to all your friends.  You can request a that a copy e-mailed or texted to you.  Just request one in the comments below!  Donald Trump thanks you TRUMPSTERS!