New York Times Compares Muslim Refugees to Jewish Holocaust Victims

When Nicholas Kristof, a writer for the New York Times, wrote Anne Frank today is a Syrian girl, he was publicizing his own distorted view that all immigrants are equal, period.  He compared the dilemma of the Jewish Holocaust victims’ flight from imminent torture and extermination by the Nazis and collaborating European regimes with the experience and intent of the Syrian migrants. By failing to conscientiously compare the people, their circumstances, and the ultimate purpose of their migration, he failed as a journalist and went headlong into moral equivalence. Kristof is presenting the migratory Muslims in the role of hunted Jews! Claiming two situations equal on the basis of superficialities is due to either lazy thinking or outright deceit.

Beginning with the discovery of a World War II letter penned by Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank), who sought a visa out of Amsterdam to any country that offered safety for himself and his family, Kristof pointed out the West’s indifference to Jewish refugees at that time. Far from being an awakening of sympathy, however, he was preparing his readers to accept a comparative analysis between the reluctant, meager acceptance of the Jews in their desperate flight from certain annihilation and the extravagant welcoming of Islamic migrants who bring with them an ideology calamitous to democracy.

Jewish law is based on love and kindness.  The Golden Rule, “Don’t do to others what you would not want done to you,” comes from the Torah.  The 613 Commandments provide guidelines on loving Jews and the stranger; to give charity (tzedakah) to the poor and needy (charity equates to justice); not to wrong anyone in speech or business; never to pervert the law with deception; and including the worker and the animal when honoring the Sabbath.  The Israeli system of government is based on parliamentary democracy.  The Basic Law of Israel exists to ensure the preservation and protection of life, body, dignity, property, and personal liberty for all, and all governmental authorities are bound to respect those rights.  The young Israel is a dignified modern State that stands on par with any western democracy that has been centuries in the making.

By contrast, the ideology of Islamic law, sharia, held sacred and inviolable by the majority of these new migrants, is rooted in intolerance and hatred, with decrees that undermine the individual’s dignity and freedoms.  The Koran espouses hate of others, brutality, and methods of killing non-Muslims, including cruel beheadings and chopping off limbs.  Theft is punishable by amputation; criticizing the Quran, Muhammed or Allah is punishable by death; apostasy is punishable by death; a non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death; and Muslims must lie to advance Islam.  According to Islamic law, charity (zadak) must be directed to their own faith; 99 percent of their assistance is so targeted.  Animals sacrificed for the holy season of Eid may be brutally tortured until dead and their blood runs like rivers.

To their lasting shame, Islamic countries continue unabated their 14 centuries of enslavement, severe rule, and wars of conquest by migration and terror, rioting and rape. Islamic fundamentalism keeps their people in fear, poverty, hopelessness and resentment of the West’s modernity and higher standard of living, and the terror is seen in Israel, Europe and the Americas.   Recently classified an Ameriphobe, Hillary endorses the increased immigration with preference given to Muslims.  Dr. Juhdi Jasser, however, has just warned that flooding America with unvetted migrants and promoting the erroneous description about petty criminal Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri (Black Lives Matter), and others, are intended to unravel our national identity.

The purpose of hijrah is to build a worldwide Islamic caliphate and to blame and destroy Western powers for Islamic bloodshed.  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their devotees are dedicated to changing America, turning our country into one great, lawless “sanctuary city.”  On September 29, this year, FBI director James Comey predicted a terrorist diaspora on American soil within two to five years.

Nicholas Kristof’s attempt to draw an equivalence between Jewish refugees and the current influx is either hopelessly inadequate judgment or something more troubling that emanates from his and his paper’s complicity with the Left’s assault on America.


New York Times Compares Muslim Refugees to Jewish Holocaust Victims
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