After Obama ATTACKED Trump Today, Trump Pulled Out His Secret Weapon & Shot Back! I Can’t Stop CHEERING!

Barack Obama ripped Trump in the comments today and held a private presser with the White House with the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and decided to use the time to attack Donald Trump.

*** Obama said that Trump doesn’t have what it takes to live in the White House.

Obama said that there was no proof that the election system was flawed in America. That’s a lie! This is a bold faced lie! Trump was right! This man does nothing but lie!

Seriously, y’all! Watch Obama lie through his teeth here!

Then literally like an hour after he said this. The Trump movement dropped this truth bomb on him. Ya’ll ready for this!!


Obama was caught lying in the biggest way possible. The video below proves that Obama is a liar.

Now, that you watched that. One of the men mentioned in the video named Robert Creamer. He is a regular visitor to the Whitehouse. Here are the recorded visits by Creamer to visit Obama.

That’s a lot of visits. You know why nobody is covering the widespread voter fraud in this country: It’s because it will implicate Obama too.

Sit on that.

Yeah. I’m here – right beside you. Yup. The government is stealing from you. They steal your money and now it has been shown that they steal your vote.

*** Do something about it!!

We need to make our friends and family see Obama as the fraud that he is. Share this article with 3 different friends. They need to vote Trump before it is too late.

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