Obama Blames Public Rejection of His Party and Hillary’s Loss on Social Media (VIDEO)

Barack Obama always has someone other to blame for his failures.

President Barack Obama held a press conference today along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and it seems like this would be their last one.
He now blames the social media for Hillary Clinton’s loss and he also stated that the public rejection of the Democratic Party is all Donald Trump’s fault.
Of course this is not true.

Barack Obama stated to the German media that he is popular and liked in his country. Since Donald Trump’s victory, the Democratic Party got to its weakest point. Now the Republican Party is having a total control over a large numbers of State Legislative Chambers.

Social media and slogans helped Donald Trump to win the election.
Obama said: “Part of what’s changed in politics is social media and how people are receiving information. It’s easier to make negative attacks and simplistic slogans than it is to communicate complex policies.”


The Democratic Party is still going to blame social media for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

People have a right to express their opinion. People deserve their freedom. People have a right to choose and they chose Trump.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com