President Trump tweeted out transparently that his administration and intelligence arms found that the Obama administration wire-tapped his phones in Trump tower during the campaign.  Will the democrats blame Russia?  Either way this just points again to the Obama shadow government and overreach of the cultural marxist president that we’re all glad to be gone.


These are definitely McCarthy-esque tactics that the Obama administration is known for. You know, like how Obama expanded the NSA’s spying program, the NDAA and collected over 60 MILLION phone records from normal everyday people?

More and more evidence also points to Obama being behind the leaks. Recently revealed intel points to the now Obama-linked group, “Organizing for Action,” allegedly being behind a lot of the leaks and town hall protests.

There have also been several videos surfacing of people receiving robo-calls from Obama-ites and backers that are eery at the very least.  Were the the Russians behind this as well Obama?

H/T: theredelephants.com