Obama is Spending Almost $1 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Renovate Mosques Overseas! (WATCH)

President Barack Obama and the federal government are spending more than $770 million dollars to rebuild mosques in other countries. Obama is Spending Almost $1 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Renovate Mosques Overseas! This effort is the result of years of conspiring between himself along with Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

The program, which spends the money through the State Department’s USAID program hasn’t been widely reported. Obama refers to the effort as “Smart Diplomacy” but taxpayer groups are speaking out.

In places such as Cairo, Cypress, and other Middle Eastern areas, American taxpayers are spending this money hoping to build “relationships” with Muslim leaders.

But as an American muslim – Nonie Darwish – explained the funding from the State Department shows weakness, and actually funds extremists.

Here is the recent report from WSBTV Atlanta:

This is a clear reminder of just why Donald Trump won. Obama had an administration full of extreme Islamic sympathizers and the White House has imported thousands of Muslim “refugees” to relocate into peaceful American neighborhoods.

Hillary Clinton’s top advisor Huma Abedin has close family relations to the Muslim Brotherhood. Trump’s strong positions on homeland security were so popular during the campaign, that a major polling firm actually hid the poll results until after the election:

Ipsos is a highly rated polling firm, but conducted the poll in September and hid the pro-Trump answers until Nov. 16, a week after the election.

The poll shows the “strong support” and “somewhat support” numbers for various policies. That is important because those details help explain Americans’ contradictory desire to help their kids and also help foreign migrants. The “strong” and “somewhat” numbers also show how many Americans might take action if a controversial policy is implemented or cancelled.

Trump’s promise to start “immediately deporting” illegals who have committed crimes gets 75 percent strong and somewhat support, and only 7 percent strong opposition. That’s 10-to-one support.

Sixty-two percent support and 13 percent strongly oppose, “detaining or immediately deporting all people who enter the U.S. illegally.”

Sixty-seven percent of respondents support, and only 9 percent strongly oppose, the implementation of current laws that levy fines on employers who hired illegals instead of Americans. Those laws were largely ignored by President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush.

The poll shows that Trump’s revised plans to minimize the danger of immigrant Islamic terrorism is backed by 59 percent, and strongly opposed by 12 percent. That result echoes the public’s strong opposition to Islamic doctrines.

via: thepoliticalinsider.com

Obama is Spending Almost $1 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Renovate Mosques Overseas! (WATCH)