Obama Suggests FBI Should Not Investigate Undocumented Citizens’ Voting Fraud “Because It Can Scare Them”

In an interview with Latino star Gina Rodriguez, President Barack Obama urged all American Latinos to vote, specifically Latino citizens who knew illegal immigrants or had illegal family members living in the United States. Rodriguez asked Obama whether “undocumented citizens” should vote, specifying that she calls illegal immigrants “citizens” because they contribute and work in the United States. Obama ignored her question, specifying that all Latino citizens should vote and that fears of them getting deported if they did were “not true.”

“This is a country built by what we today refer to as illegal immigrants,” the President said. “And although our country has evolved over time and has established laws and the rule of law, that hasn’t changed the fact that we are and always will be a nation of illegal immigrants in one form or the other. And the sooner we realize that we all come from somewhere else and that the only thing we’re separated by is the moment in time at which our ancestors came here, the sooner we’ll understand that we’re overcomplicating a very simple situation.”

He added that that situation is centered on the fact that “we’re all human beings regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religions beliefs or, ultimately, sexual orientation.” “And that’s the single greatest challenge we’re faced with today. The downside is we still can’t seem to overcome our differences. But that’s a story for another time. For now, I think that the only way to make things a bit easier for illegal immigrants in this country is to relieve some of the pressure they’re under.”

Asked by Rodriguez how he plans to do that, President Obama argued that he “still has some pull left with the FBI,” even though he used up “most of it” by persuading FBI Director James Comey not to charge former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her misuse of a private email server. “I think illegal immigrants in this country deserve a break from persecution. They made it this far – they ought to be given some credit for that. I’m sure it wasn’t easy,” Obama said.

“That’s why I will urge FBI Director James Comey to stop all current and future investigations into the voting fraud committed by undocumented citizens, as you called them Gina,” the President added. “I’m taking action because I believe that the FBI, while an exemplary government agency, still lacks tact and manners in handling voting fraud suspects. Roughening them up will only scare them further, which won’t bode well for our country in the long run. And even though the first negative impact of such government behavior will undoubtedly fall on Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election, I fear those consequences could reach much farther than that.”

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Obama Suggests FBI Should Not Investigate Undocumented Citizens’ Voting Fraud “Because It Can Scare Them”
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