Obama Talks About ‘Ribs And P***Y’ But There’s More To The Story

If you’re a regular reader to The Federalist Papers, you’ll know we’re no fans of Hillary Clinton. In fact, we’d just about seeanyone else run for office than “Crooked Hillary.”

So when a video surfaced showing Barack Obama saying “gotta have ribs and pussy too,” it went viral, making the rounds inconservative media showing the left’s hypocrisy in calling out Trump for also saying the “P-word.”

And while there are many reasons not to give much credence to Trump’s off-color comments, using Obma’s comments is not the right move.

In the short clip provided by right-wing sites, it shows a quick 25 seconds.

It sure looks like he’s talking about “pussy,” but what Obama is doing in 1995 clip is reading from his own book Dreams of My Father.”

Obama was describing a conversation he had with someone else about Malcom X’s beliefs. The “ribs and pussy” line was actually spoken by another character in the book.

Here’s the full clip of what he said. The relevant part starts at 15:00:

The right-wing fringe is promoting this book as some sort of equivalency for Trump’s comments. And if anyone thinks that politicians – left and right – don’t say pretty offensive, off-color things when they don’t think the cameras are on, they’re more naive than I thought possible.

What’s important is that while Trump apologized for his comments, Hillary and Bill Clinton have yet to address the accusations against them that he was a sexual predator and not only did he facilitate his scandalous actions – but did her level best to destroy the reputation of these women.’

And isn’t that better than some dumb, off-the-cuff comments?


Source: thefederalistpapers.org

Obama Talks About ‘Ribs And P***Y’ But There’s More To The Story