Obama Threw Hillary Under The Bus To Save His Own Skin In New FBI Investigation

The entangled between Hillary Clinton and President Obama is as deep as it possibly could be. Especially considering she was his Secretary of State. Now they are entangled with her email scandal. The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced this past Friday that they were in the process of reopening the Clinton investigation concerning her emails server. One of the biggest shockers is President Obama’s involvement.

Many have speculated that James Comey, who is head of the FBI, was pressured into reopening after hackers such as Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks have some 33,000 of the missing emails of Clinton’s.

Preliminary information indicates that President Obama along with numerous other high profile and highly classified individuals partook in sending emails to Hillary Clinton via her private email server. Which makes them culpable in this entire controversy too.

It is conservative media pundit Rush Limbaugh who initially disposed that theory in the news. Furthermore, he argued that President Obama is behind getting James Comey to reopen the investigation so that he can get the focus on Clinton and away from himself.

Kim dotcom made it very easy to find the hidden Clinton emails and for the public to see exactly what is inside those emails. Just look at his Twitter feed.

Considering the rumors out there that Clinton is ready to drop Huma Abedin in the case of all these subpoenas it is not at all unlikely that President Obama would turn on Clinton. Eventually, they will all turn on each other to save themselves. It also makes perfect sense why Clinton was able to get away with it for so long because she had the backing and the prior knowledge of consent from the President of the United States. And of course there is nothing President Obama would not do to save himself and save his own legacy.

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Obama Threw Hillary Under The Bus To Save His Own Skin In New FBI Investigation
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