The 2016 election is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • A high-energy billionaire with zero political background has dominated the field, vanquishing sixteen Republican opponents and winning unprecedented support among minorities.
  • The wife of a former president and the heir apparent of the current president barely managed to win the nomination.
  • The media has all but lost control of “The Narrative” and finds itself trying to keep a frustrated viewing audience on the leash while also battling a flood of online, alternative media exposure.
  • Donald Trump has shown us that all bets are off: insiders are out, policy pales in comparison to patriotism, and leaked documents are as important as the official debates.

Both parties have risen to the new challenges, relying heavily on social media and other technology to win supporters and influence undecideds. One example of these techno-political on the Trump side of the race, is the website RealTrueNews.org. RTN’s main focus is to expose and destroy the incestuous bond between Washington, D.C., Wall Street, and the Mainstream Media. As a result, they are all firmly opposed to Hillary Clinton, who has shown herself to be the new, cackling face of the globalist, crony-capitalist elitism that currently dominates American politics, finance, and the news.

On the Hillary side of this race, undoubtedly the most significant techno-political force is David Brock’s Super PAC, Correct The Record. CTR modestly describes itself as “a pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC.” RTN paints a more vivid picture: CTR “is a battalion of paid trolls whose job it is to disrupt, demoralize, and defame any Trump supporters and message boards.”

This description comes from a post at RTN by “Max Insider,” dated September 27, 2016, which was a day after the first presidential debate. Max Insider adds that CTR trolls “communicate using a secure messaging software called ‘Slack’ pictured above.”

And that’s when things get really interesting.

Max Insider explains:

We were able to get some monitoring software onto a junior analyst’s laptop to take a look inside the Slack-channel where they were doing work. What we found was startling. In the fall-out from last night’s debate, they are beginning a new campaign of targeted harassment (or worse) against the “ring leaders” of the decentralized online Trump movement.

Without a traditional campaign infrastructure to target, it appears they have been reduced to going after the “most influential voices” in the online debate.

Now we will make our way through this CTR chat. I don’t expect the image below to make much sense at first glance, so I will highlight and discuss elements of it as we proceed. Please be advised there is some offensive language involved–call it “locker room talk.”

First of all, who are these people? As we’ll see, brock is David Brock and efink is apparently Elliot Fink, another CTR employee.


Next, what are they discussing?


Source: conservativedailypost.com