This Pastor Has A Harsh Message About The Election That Every Millennial Needs To Hear

Pastor Andy Stanley has a brutal message for the over 45 Trump or Hillary loving crowd who seem to be “growing weary” in the midst of this year’s election, “Knock it off!”

“You’re scaring the children” the pastor jokingly began. “The generation that’s coming along behind us are going to take their cue from us.”

According to Stanley, that isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially with how people are acting amidst the disastrous presidential race

Here’s the cue we’re giving them:

‘Oh my goodness, if we don’t get the right person elected in office it’s the end of the world. If we don’t fix the economy it’s the end of the world. If we don’t have religious freedom like my momma, or my grandma had religious freedom… If we don’t have the right policies it’s all coming unraveled.’

Nothing could be further from the truth!”

Pastor Stanley believes that while government and policies do play a significant role in our lives, nothing matters more than one thing: faith.

Stanley goes on to explain that those who truly have faith understand that faith means having “confidence that God keeps his promises, and that nothing can thwart the plans of God.” That means no matter what, you know that God is in control, and yet for some reason so many of us walk around in fear. Why is this? Perhaps, for many of us, our eyes have been taken off of God, and are fixed elsewhere.

Sure, it sounds nice to say “God’s got this,” but politicians treat a political losses like the end of the world. Think about it, how many times have you heard “so-and-so will be the destruction of America”? People would have you think Trump, or Clinton are the anti-Christ (depending on who you ask), but that sounds a lot more like fear, than trusting in an all-mighty and powerful God.

Pastor Stanley then turns his attention to those under 45, more specifically those who identify as millennials, and pleads with them to not give up, or “grow weary” amidst the turmoil going on throughout the world.

Check Out Andy Stanley’s Powerful Message