WATCH: Pat Robertson Describes James Comey: ‘That Clown Who’s In Charge’ Of FBI

The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson was really angry with FBI Director James Comey, this morning: “Once again that clown that is in charge of whatever you call those people, FBI, is in charge of the headlines.”

Robertson is suddenly describing FBI agents as “whatever you call those people” for refusing to prosecute a case that had already been decided in July, and should never have been brought into the public square afterwards.

When James Comey broke decades of protocols by dropping a bombshell in the last ten days of our national election, he was celebrated as a hero by the extreme right wing of the GOP. Now, he’s “a clown.”

Robertson and his co-host were dumbfounded that the FBI could review 650K emails so quickly and said Comey caved because of political pressure from president Obama.

Pat said, “[Comey] ‘I stuck my foot into it and at the risk of having my foot blown off, I’m going to call it all off.’ It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!”

Co-host Terry Meeuwsen asked, “Can you even scan 650K emails?” And Robertson replied, “It’s absurd! The whole thing is absurd!”

Robertson’s hatred was oozing from his pores over Comey’s new actions and now he believes that Comey is finished, whoever takes the White House.