Paul Ryan Is A Double Agent Working Against Trump And For Clinton – And Is Receiving Tons of “Clinton Cash”

Paul Ryan is working for the globalists who want to destroy Unites States sovereignty. Ryan has adopted the Obama world view that Islamic terrorists shouldn’t be screened because “that’s not who we are”.  Ryan has said and done a lot of things as speaker of the house that would make anyone with a shred of objectivity realize that he ought to be running for congress as a democrat.

Ryan may as well pitch a tent on Wall Street and post signs on his back that say “kick me”. Paul Ryan is owned by the new world order. His whole point for being elected speaker was so the blue blood wing of the republican party could get increased helpings of pork for their districts. Ryan has no compass, no set of principles that align with working class Americans.

Ryan wants an open border. He speaks in politically correct dialect. He has an old cold war mentality when it comes to Russia. He is weak on the 2nd amendment. He funded the biggest budget America has ever had – without a modicum of opposition. Paul Ryan is working for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And Ryan would rather work with Hillary then have to answer to Donald Trump.

For those of us who are awake, there is one hope. And his name is Paul Nehlen. He is Ryan’s primary challenger. The vote is next week. Liberal rags all over Wisconsin give Nehlen almost no chance of winning. But they didn’t give Dave Brat a chance either and he took out Eric Cantor in a stunning victory. The same thing can happen to the hapless Ryan.

But if Ryan survives he will continue to undermine Donald Trump’s candidacy. If he gets primaried, Ryan can still lob bombs at Trump but from a very weakened position.

Finally, the most important part of this article: Paul Ryan is almost certainly receiving dirty Clinton cash for his campaign against Nehlen. Votes are being purchased as we speak. And money laundering is going on round the clock. And Obama is likely helping as well. Ryan passed Obama’s budget without even a wimper. And Barack will likely pay his pal back in the form of stuffed ballot boxes.

If Ryan survives he ought be impeached. His conduct is similar to a soviet double agent from the 1960’s. Paul Ryan is a complete embarrassment to this republic or any country for that matter.

H/T: theamericanindipendent

Paul Ryan Is A Double Agent Working Against Trump And For Clinton – And Is Receiving Tons of “Clinton Cash”
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