Police Officer Restricted From Using Her Gun, BEATEN UNCONSCIOUS BY BLM THUGS

An incident recently occurred in the West Side of Chicago in which a female police officer knew she had the right to use lethal force to neutralize a suspect that was mercilessly assaulting her, but didn’t.

This incident occurred when the officer responded to a call involving an automobile accident. Upon arrival, a confrontation broke out with a man that was allegedly high on PCP. According to Chicago Tribune, the suspect repeatedly smashed the officer’s face into the ground until she was unconscious.

“As I was at the hospital last night, visiting with her, she looked at me and said she thought she was gonna die, and she knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to because she didn’t want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news,” superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Think of it, a woman who swore an oath to do anything in her power to uphold the law, now fears using the full extent of that power because of the recent unrest following any officer involved shooting. She would rather take a savage beating than put her family and fellow officers through the harsh and unforgiving judgement of the rabid liberals who want to see them ousted.

Contrary to what the Left would have you believe, police officers don’t wake up in the morning and ready themselves to hunt down young African American men. They are human beings just like all of us—they do not want to end someone’s life any more than the next person—but in certain situations, it is unfortunately necessary.

Let’s be clear: there IS a war on cops happening, and not only is it now making police think twice before defending themselves, but many have already died because of it. Whether it’s assassination, or ambushes, we’ve lost a lot of officers this year.

To find the most egregious example of this, we only need to look at the city of Dallas, Texas. On July 7th of this year, a man by the name of Micah Xavier Johnson opened fire on police with a sniper rifle. The ambush went down toward the end of a Black Lives Matter protest against the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille.


Let this sink in; five police officers died protecting the very people who were there protesting them. This proves that no matter if you hate them, want them gone, or worse, they will still put everything on the line to keep you safe.


This can no longer be tolerated, as Americans this should disgust and each and every one of us. We need to support our men and women in blue as much that we can, and let them know that the majority of us still appreciate them and all that they do for us.

This toxic narrative that police are evil might have the liberals fooled, but you can’t fool us; we know the truth.

We thank every single one of you for courageously putting on that badge every day, and making sure that the real bad guys don’t bring harm to our families.

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Police Officer Restricted From Using Her Gun, BEATEN UNCONSCIOUS BY BLM THUGS
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