Poll rigging Propaganda – Where are these polls coming from?

Are the Progressives using Poll Rigging Propaganda, YEP !

So, are the Pollsters trying to help rig this election for Hillary, you ask? YEP, they are. Rush Limbaugh says, “the polls are designed to discourage Trump voters”.  But it’s not working, as Americans flock to Freedom, Jobs and wanting to see America become a powerhouse of wealth for all, not just the elites that run the country for now.

The big Hillary donors are spending so much money to disfigure Mr Trump’s accomplishments and his most wonderful character, by telling you he’s dangerous. Ha, is that Mrs Clinton telling you that? Don’t forget she’s a well-known liar. Some believe it, but you Hillary fanatics are the first she lies to, you think she has so much Gov. experience, yes she does and her record is the reason she is unfit for the Presidency? Don’t fall for her poll rigging propaganda, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN And some Pollsters are being deceitful about the polls. Nothing will change with Hillary Clinton in charge.


Other News sources agree

As reported by Nav News, Last week’s election numbers are in and it’s not looking pretty for the democrats that think the GOP has an outdated and backward message.

Republicans absolutely crushed democrats on nearly every level during last week’s state and local government elections. So much so that someone made a map of the U.S. where all the victories happened. Check it out below and bask in the glory of all that red! I didn’t hear anything about it on the News.

Boom! Big time wins in nearly every state. More than half and nearly 60% of states went Republican. If that’s not a sign of how bad things are with the Obama administration and people being fed up, I’m not sure what would be.

Couldn’t agree more. Out with the old, in with the new! With Trump leading in every Republican pole we have, it’s just a matter of time before he moves into the White House! Oh yeah!

Politico reports this during a Donald Trump interview:

Trump, speaking at a campaign event in Ashburn, Virginia, noted that a recent Los Angeles Times/USC poll showed him ahead of Clinton. That poll, an online panel survey conducted between last Tuesday and Monday, had Trump up 2 points.

“I see one from CNN where we’re down,” Trump said, in reference to the CNN/ORC poll, in which he trails Clinton by 8 points when third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are included.

Rigged polls won’t stop our enthusiasm for Donald Trump. We are used to propaganda and the only way to beat it is to not listen or not believe it.~!! With millions being spent against Mr Trump, he’s still there and getting coiled up like a spring to take this election away from Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. Watch, and don’t be discouraged by the Poll rigging Propaganda.

via: trumpvillereport.com

Poll rigging Propaganda – Where are these polls coming from?