PUSSIFICATION: What This DUDE Said To Chelsea Should Cost Him His MAN Card

That awkward moment when pandering to the local crowd makes you look like a complete dope on the NATIONAL stage. Enjoy your fifteen minutes bonehead!

Watch the Pussification:

Here’s the punchline buddy. Someone cannot simultaneously apologize for being a man, and — in the fullest sense of the term — actually BE one.

Khalil, has chosen to be accepted by this PC herd has paid the price of admission to do so. In this case, that means acknowledgeing some level of embarrassment for having the indecency of speaking at such an event while male.

Does he even HAVE a pair? Do the math buddy.

Chelsea looked out over a sea of hands (ok, no Dem event has a SEA of hands these days, but you get the point) and chose him to go first.

Is it because he was a guy? Because he was Black? Did she think he was cute? Was his simply the first hand she saw go up? None of that matters. It was her event. She had the floor. She gave him the floor, and he apologized.

Ladies, good luck finding a good man.

The pickings seem pretty slim out ther.


Source: clashdaily.com