Sen. Rand Paul was never a fan of Donald Trump.

Before Paul dropped out of the presidential race due to lack of interest from voters, he and the billionaire went toe-to-toe on a number of occassions.

Trump generally – if not always – came out the victor.

Now, Paul is trying to stab Trump in the back by blocking former UN Ambassador John Bolton from becoming deputy at the State Dept.

What a schmuck!

Sen. Rand Paul has publicly voiced his disapproval of John Bolton as a potential member of Donald Trump’s administration, and on Sunday said he would aim to block the nomination if Trump did give him a position.

“John Bolton doesn’t get it,” Paul said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“He still believes in regime change. He’s still a big cheerleader for the Iraq War. John Bolton is so far out of it and has such a naive understanding of the world.”

Bolton, who served as interim U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from 2005 to 2006, is being considered for the No. 2 spot at the State Department. He’s not a popular pick on either side of the aisle and, his views have been described as “hawkish and at odds with Trump’s campaign pitch for less military engagement in the world.”

Bolton has called for a regime change in Iran as a long-term solution to help eliminate threats in the Middle East and has argued that the U.S. should step up its level of engagement with Taiwan.

Paul and Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are going to fight Trump every step of the way for the next four years.

They are RINOs.

They are sore losers.