Recklessly Incompetent Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump Reckless And Incompetent

There is no person serving in the House of Representatives, the Senate, or any national office who is as crazy as California democrat Nancy Pelosi. She’s not just funny crazy either, but dangerously insane, as in keep your children away from her. At a town hall gathering today, this reckless and incompetent lunatic had the nerve to call President Trump and his administration both reckless and incompetent. I know she doesn’t have a physical mirror, for obvious reasons, but she really needs to look in a figurative one.

CNN hosted a town hall on Tuesday with Pelosi and of course the audience was stacked with people who both oppose President Trump but also will help push a liberal agenda. A young Muslim woman told a heartbreaking story about how Trump’s immigration order that temporary halts people from certain terrorist hotbeds from entering the US has torn her family apart.

This Muslim woman’s story is almost certainly bullshit because most of what she is complaining about happened under Obama’s rule and due to the fact that she is reading it off of her smart phone. In any case, whoever wrote this question for the woman wants Pelosi to explain how the democrats will oppose Donald Trump.

Pelosi begins her answer by calling Trump’s immigration order a “ban” about 50 times and she even spells it out “B-A-N” several times. Then, despite the fact that the woman said she was from Yemen, Pelosi goes off on Trump for banning people from Syria. After the spelling and geography lessons, she gets to this ridiculous statement:

“Your family is suffering because our president is reckless, reckless and his administration is incompetent,” said Pelosi.

No, recklessness would be letting people come to our country without knowing who they are and what they intend to do. Incompetence would be allowing unchecked immigration from countries known to harbor terrorists. You know, like that stuff Obama did and that democrats like Pelosi supported.

Pelosi’s wasn’t quite done projecting her deficiencies on Trump and his administration:

“How and why they did this is because they’re grand illusionists. Every time they have a problem with something, they create another problem,” Pelosi said.

Well, democrats are “grand delusionists” but what is really funny here is that she’s accusing Trump of creating problems. That’s literally on page one of the democratic handbook: invent a problem, spark outrage, come up with a costly fix to address fictional problem.

In reality, people coming here from terrorist countries without any sort of vetting is a problem and Trump just fixed it. I understand how democrats get mad when people come up with commonsense solutions, because their way has to involve raising taxes and punishing law-abiding Americans, but the fact remains that Trump took bold and decisive action.

Pelosi ties this rant together with this insane conspiracy theory:

“They see the immigration problem looming and so they decide they’re going to early, on a earlier schedule, appoint a Justice of the Supreme Court. To change, always to change the subject. It’s a decoy, decoy, decoy, decoy,” said Pelosi incoherently.

Deciphering this, Pelosi suddenly admits that immigration is a problem, but then says Trump appointed a Supreme Court Justice as way to distract people from the problem that is not a problem. Okay, that didn’t help make any sense of this, but I’m working with a complete kook so cut me some slack. Also, Trump only nominated a Justice, he hasn’t been appointed yet.

Pelosi finishes up by saying that Trump’s order is “un-christian” and “un-American” and then says that both the Statue of Liberty and Abraham Lincoln are crying. So yes, she is reckless and incompetent and proved it beautifully at CNN’s town hall.


Recklessly Incompetent Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump Reckless And Incompetent
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