Rev. Franklin Graham Makes An Announcement About Trump That Christians NEED To Hear

Franklin Graham has made it clear about what’s at stake this election, and he hopes that amidst all the chaos, “Christians will not be deceived by the liberal media.”

You see, the media creates narratives for the sake of pushing an agenda, and for Graham, the idea that believers are “giving Donald J. Trump a pass” for his inappropriate actions is completely misleading, and he wants to set the record straight.

“This election is about the Supreme Court and the justices that the next president will nominate,” Graham wrote in a post to his Facebook account. “Evangelicals are going to have to decide which candidate they trust to nominate men and women to the court who will defend the constitution and support religious freedoms.”

Graham goes on to say that he has “not met an evangelical yet who condones his [Trump’s] language or inexcusable behavior from over a decade ago,” but that the GOP nominee “has apologized to his wife, his family, and to the American people for” his “behavior from 11 years ago.” However, Graham is insistent that this election is bigger than Trump’s crude language, or “Hillary Clinton’s recent missing emails, lies, and false statements,” as too much is on the line.

With quite a few spots on the Supreme Court possibly opening up within the next four years (and surely within the next eight) the newly-elected president will be nominating justices. Does America really trust Hillary Clinton nominating judges for the highest court in the land? That’s what Rev. Graham wants the country to think about before voting next week.


In one week, Americans will decide the leader of the free world. Franklin Graham hopes that on election day, voters will pay attention to the issues, and remember just what is at stake.


Rev. Franklin Graham Makes An Announcement About Trump That Christians NEED To Hear
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