Rick Joyner: “We Plan Civil War If SCOTUS Strikes Down The Next Trump’s Travel Ban”

In a video ultraconservative pastor Rick Joyner posted on his Facebook account Thursday, he suggested that if President Trump’s plan to ban immigrants and refugees is struck down by the Supreme Court, a civil war could break out and cause martial law.

Joyner, who once said that the only way to save the United States from President Obama was for a military takeover and cautioned that the Jade Helm 15 military training exercises was to prepare for martial law, now insists that the judiciary will cause a “coup” by constantly striking down Trump’s executive orders.

“This is essentially a coup,” Joyner said in the video. “It’ll go to the Supreme Court and I think they will overwhelmingly override this because it is so absolutely unconstitutional what this district court judge and the Ninth Circuit did. But if they don’t, if they vote along political lines instead of mooring themselves to the Constitution, to the clear law that was passed by Congress, we are [going to find ourselves in] a constitutional crisis, I would say a constitutional civil war. And it’s not going to be North versus South, it’s going to be those who believe that we’re a republic and we must defend the republic against enemies both foreign and domestic and those we are trying to rule by fiat.”

Joyner insists that he knew martial law was coming because he “saw that prophetically in 1987” and now “it’s unfolding right before our eyes, we really are in a constitutional crisis.”

According to Joyner, martial law in America will be a good thing because “it will be done to preserve our democracy, to preserve our republic and it will be executed by those who that is their goal; not to destroy our republic, not to just seize power but to do what absolutely has to be done to get us back on the constitutional rails we’ve been given to run on.”

Rick Joyner: “We Plan Civil War If SCOTUS Strikes Down The Next Trump’s Travel Ban”