Ryan’s RINOs Let IRS Commissioner Koskinen Off The Hook

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is met with a chorus of moans and groans by Democrats and perhaps some of the many Republican sellouts as well as he introduces his resolution to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Once again there is a double standard in our “blind justice” system, one for the powerless and another for those holding the power. Koskinen works for the elites who control us just like Ryan does. They’re both above the law.

Rep Jordan is interviewed by Martha MacCallum on the events of the day. The first question she has for him is why his Republican colleagues failed to support him and voted with the Democrats. He doesn’t have an answer, but he may want to think back to a year ago when Paul Ryan was first pretending he didn’t want to be Speaker of the House and promising to be open and above board. Jordan’s a smart guy, given enough time he should be able to figure that one out.

He points out that the impeachment resolution was sent back to the very committee where it’s been sitting for the last 18 months, the House Judiciary Committee. “It was sent there so that we wouldn’t be able to impeach John Koskinen, hold him accountable,” says Jordan. “My attitude is, this election was about doing what hard-working families want us to do and part of that’s draining the swamp and making sure people who do wrong things are held accountable. He then gives a short synopsis of what Koskinen did and what still continues to happen under his “leadership” today.

He says he’s disappointed in the way things turned out and believes the American people, those who want to clean up the corruption of DC, are as well. It’s dead now, Paul Ryan will never bring it up again. Koskinen got away with it, just like Lerner, Holder, Clinton, Abedin, Mills – all of the swamp creatures.

If you’re not part of the problem as well, Rep Jordan, learn from this experience – get rid of Paul Ryan. Stop talking around the issue. It’s the corrupt establishment and that means Paul Ryan who are the problem. Just like with Islamic terrorism you have to name the enemy before you can defeat it. Say the words – “Paul Ryan is the enemy of the American people.”

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Ryan’s RINOs Let IRS Commissioner Koskinen Off The Hook
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