Scumbag David Brock Comes Groveling To Bernie Sanders

Caitlin Johnstone from Newslogue with a great column about David Brock’s Town Hall interview with Bernie Sanders.

Last night I watched 59 minutes of Bernie Sanders talking about real issues that Americans care about on the hour-long CNN town hall, and one minute of Bernie Sanders being forced to talk about Russia by Chris “It’s illegal for you to read WikiLeaks” Cuomo. It was hilarious; this was a town hall format, so it was driven by questions from the audience, but since nobody in the audience cared to ask any questions about Russia, host Cuomo took the liberty of asking it himself as soon as the show started. Bernie spent a few seconds saying effectively “Yeah, fine, whatever,” and then proceeded to spend the rest of the town hall answering real questions about real things from real human beings like a boss.

I about fell out of my chair with excitement watching it; you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. Not so much for what’s said, since Berners are already familiar with most of Sanders’ simple and virtually unassailable position, but for the way he says it. He’s in charge, you guys. Whether they admit it or not, Bernie Sanders is now the unofficial head honcho of the Democratic party, and whether they like it or not, they will follow him. He knows they need him, and he knows how to leverage that knowledge. The confident authority with which he speaks about where the Democratic party needs to head had me elbowing my husband every other minute squealing “He’s in charge! Oh my god, he’s in charge!”

So that was a glorious way to end a beautiful day. And then I awoke this morning to learn that David Brock has just written Bernie an open letter on Medium, apologizing for the disgraceful way he treated him and imploring him to (shudder) “be partners.”

Brock’s letter was as encouraging to see as it was cringe-inducing to read. All the sick manipulations were there, trying to simultaneously suck up to Bernie while slyly excusing all the evils he unleashed and tried to unleash upon the world. This is the man Bernie once generously referred to as “the scum of the earth,” who set up a super PAC to pay professional shills to pose as Hillary Clinton supporters online and circulate disinformation about Sanders, now crawling to Bernie praising the way his “candidacy electrified millions” like Jack Skellington enthusing about Christmas Town. In his sideways, manipulative way, Brock was praising Bernie for organically creating the thing he’s spent his entire political life trying to artificially mimic.

He then went on to list his crimes — creating fake news to further Hillary’s campaign, taking money from corporate America’s puppet masters to subvert the will of the people, normalizing the “ugly and absurd” by recklessly setting his trolls on ordinary people with daily harassment and the ugliest of name-calling, and abusing the most vulnerable of us for political gain — and took full responsibility for his abhorrent acts.

Ha! I’m kidding of course. In yet another jaw-dropping act of projection (one we’ve seen so many times from the desk of Correct The Record), he accused the Trump campaign of all of those things, every one of his own abominable sins, without even a vague whisper of irony. But you know, that’s Brock for you. As one Medium commenter aptly and succinctly put it in the single-word warning that we started using to alert our people to a parasite, she just said simply — “CTR.”

It is indeed a classic CTR creation with all the elements of “project thy sins,” the narc-speak word-salading, the sidling up and the circular logic loops. It even started with a more verbose version of the classic CTR opener, the “I love Bernie, I’m with you” ether-rub so often employed by CTR shills, a soothing intro designed to anesthetize the hapless reader into accepting the horrendous succubus into their system. Ahh, memories.

Hopefully it was his last hurrah.

I can only surmise looking at all this that Brock saw the same shift in power that I saw. He knows Sanders is the uncrowned king of the Democratic party, and out of desperation he’s now seeking to become the Gríma Wormtongue to Bernie’s Théoden. He just seeks out the biggest power player in the room and latches onto them like a remora on a shark, even switching political parties to get to whoever’s the biggest fish in the sea at any given time. It was nice of him to give us all a glimpse into all the equations and profit-loss columns that his mechanical brain goes into while trying to simulate humanity with his open letter.

So maybe the Democratic party’s not a lost cause after all. I for one am not going to place all my progressive chips on that bet, but it’s encouraging to see that the biggest corporatist parasite of them all is already in full survival mode. There’s a long, long road to the Dems becoming a real party with a real progressive agenda instead of another Republican party that pays lip service to identity politics and wedge issues, and they’re still going to have to address the fact that they rigged the primaries and have given us no indication whatsoever that they don’t mean to continue that criminal behavior, but the fact that the steering wheel somehow found its way into the hands of a competent leader gives me great hope.

I hope after Bernie has taken his shower to wash off the slime after reading Brock’s Medium post, he takes the time to read the comments too. Underneath that shudder-inducing piece of desperate manipulation, the real victims of Brock’s crime against humanity, we the people, come out to issue him a resounding NO. The brutalization of the American psyche has not gone unnoticed. This is a man who led an army of online trolls into battle to beat the living crap out the country’s most gentle and intelligent ones, a man who stomped out the blossoming of a natural, heart-centered revolution and replaced it with his own zombie corporate-funded imitation. Every beautiful thing that arose from the generosity and enthusiasm of the people who answered Bernie’s call got taken by Brock’s henchmen and either smeared or co-opted and made into something monstrous. He took all the light and energy of this genuine revolution and tied it up, smothered it, or plugged it into his own grotesque creations. He is a parasite of the very worst kind.

Needless to say, he does not get to come with.

Scumbag David Brock Comes Groveling To Bernie Sanders
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