McCain Now Under Investigation As Dems Realize It Wasn’t Trump…It Was Him

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) not only failed as a candidate (his VP Sarah Palin was far more liked in 2008), but in 2016 he failed as Republican and a human being, too. This man, who some allege has met with questionable people in the Middle East over the years for reasons not fully known, proved to be too much of a sore loser to support President Donald Trump when he earned his victory.

Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the progressive DemCoalition (AKA, Dem’s Against Trump) just tweeted, “#Breaking: Senator John McCain is now under investigation @TheDemCoalition for his ties to Paul Manafort & Putin-linked donors. #TrumpRussia.

In spite of his group’s second name being rather redundant (as if Dem’s usually love Mr. Trump), Dworkin does deliver up a pretty good bit of insight into just what may have spurred McCain’s hatred, aside for the sour grapes from having been rejected by America twice.

If the Senator from Arizona could cause Trump to lose early on, then maybe the investigators would not dig deeply enough to see that he himself was as guilty as Sunday morning sin.

One could argue that in this world market that we all live in, for better or worse, everyone who’s involved in business has ties with someone that can be used against them at election time.

The issue here is that when it was Trump being attacked by McCain and others, every person that the President had a vodka with was a Russian agent with a hacking computer, according to how he was treated.

Now that McCain is in the crosshairs, it will be interesting to see how he attempts to slither out from it. Considering all of the lies, untruths, and slanderings that the Senator has fired from his quiver at the President, he will see little mercy from the White House.

While this is good for Trump, which means it is likely good for America, the larger issue still looms. The swamp was so corrupted by the time that our President took office that even removing the scum from the surface of the water has us into June.

Donald Trump certainly has a long road ahead of him.

McCain Now Under Investigation As Dems Realize It Wasn’t Trump…It Was Him