SHOCK POLL – Trump Is About To Win THESE 2 ‘Blue States’, Hillary is Freaking Out

If we are to believe the liberal news media, then Hillary Clinton is going to win in a landslide. However, some recent polling shows this race could indeed be much closer than people realize.

Donald Trump is only five points behind in the reliably blue state of Michigan, and he is within the margin of error in the bellwether state of Pennsylvania, per

The fact Trump is this close in two states that Republicans haven’t won in decades is definitely a cause for concern for the Clinton campaign. Moreover, these polls each used “likely voters,” which is another clue that Donald Trump is surging in his support.

Michigan and Pennsylvania are both going to see heavy campaigning in the coming months for a number of reasons. For Clinton, these states are of utmost importance, and for Trump, picking up these states would be a great prize and inch him closer to the 270 electoral votes he needs in order to become the next U.S. President.

The fact that Donald Trump is competitive in these states is really starting to give credence to the argument that the “silent majority” – those who are hesitant to participate in polls – really does support him.

Besides these states, the Trump team also sees some opportunity to be competitive in a number of other states.

Besides Michigan and Pennsylvania, Donald Trump is also going to hold campaign events in Washington and Minnesota.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook is expected to visit the state of Minnesota in order to play defense in a state that hasn’t gone for the GOP since the early 70’s. Considering the false bravado by the Clinton campaign, you would think she were a shoo-in.

However, considering the actions the Clinton campaign is doing in private, it is apparently not so sure of Clinton’s potential for success behind closed doors.

Yes, there could be a landslide—but it just might be on the Trump side instead.


SHOCK POLL – Trump Is About To Win THESE 2 ‘Blue States’, Hillary is Freaking Out