The SICK Meaning Behind Why Dems Wore White Suits To Trump’s Speech Just Blew Up In Their Faces!

The glaring white section where Democrats sat last night to listen to our President’s first address of Congress, wasn’t a coincidence of color choice. There was a very specific and sick reason they all decided to dress the same and the meaning behind it just backfired on them.

While conservative politicians and every sensible American were interested in what Trump had to say last night, since that’s the adult thing to do, unhinged liberal women plotted their next pink “pussy” hat move. Where there’s a public appearance that Democrat women are invited to, there’s an opportunity for them to make a hateful statement against out nation’s leader. According to the Free Beacon, the white pantsuits only Hillary Clinton could be proud of wasn’t so much a protest as it was a “statement of values,” as Nancy Pelosi called it.

The white suits were worn to represent the women’s suffragette movement, who also wore white in their time of oppression. However, like much of what liberals do, it was a grossly misguided point considering that in the same day of Trump’s speech and their statement in attire, our President signed a series of bills in support of women.


Chicks On The Right reports: “President Trump is so anti-women that he just signed two bills focused on helping women pursue professions in the STEM fields and business: The Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers and Innovators and Explorers Act (INSPIRE) and Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act.”

These women were so busy planning their white outfits that they completely missed the huge thing our allegedly “anti-women” leader did for what they supposedly stand for. They either intentionally ignored his actions in pursuit of their ongoing slander mission against him, or are far more ignorant that we imagined.

The SICK Meaning Behind Why Dems Wore White Suits To Trump’s Speech Just Blew Up In Their Faces!