Bill Clinton Calling Trump’s America To Return To “Decency & Trust” In Politics

Former President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at an event at the Brookings Institute honoring Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995. In his first public appearance since his wife’s loss to Donald Trump last November, Clinton spoke on how he wants to see “personal decency and trust” come back to politics.

In the speech, Clinton said, “It’s like we’re all having an identity crisis at once — and it is an inevitable consequence of the economic and social changes that have occurred at an increasingly rapid pace.” He later claimed toward the end of his monologue, “We have to find a way to bring simple, personal decency and trust back to our politics.”

Wait, what? Since when are the Clintons a prime example of decency and trust? Let’s take a step back and review this.

Since well before his time in the White House, Bill and his wife Hillary have maneuvered their way through the political jungle by making deals, literally putting lives at stake, oppressing different races and low-income citizens and so much more. There is not a single bone in any of their bodies that tells the American people that they will fight for them. Only when it’s necessary or benefiting to them in some way, will they ever stand for the poor, the hungry and those who have been outcast by society in the past.

The Clinton Foundation has seen its own share of troubles.

The Clinton Foundation has seen its own share of troubles.

For example, look at the Clinton Foundation. The foundation was established when Clinton was still President in 1997. It was created as a way for the Clinton family to help organizations around the world with poverty, human rights and public health. Coincidentally, it may have also been created to keep Bill distracted and away from Monica Lewinsky.

The foundation, while highly praised from people who knew the Clintons (surprise!), found itself in trouble when there were reported cases in which money didn’t reach the people it was intended for, like when money for Haitian relief just disappeared. There were also accounts of tax errors, which the foundation claims to have fixed.

While in the White House, the Clintons had their fair share of controversy. They had the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which I’m not sure even Bill Clinton could consider ‘decent’. Hillary even used her husband’s affair to garner higher approval ratings that helped her win a Senate seat in 2001.

Then there was a time when members of the White House travel staff were replaced with Clinton associates. A memorandum leaked in which David Watkins, a top White House aide, said “there would be hell to pay” if “we failed to take swift and decisive action in conformity with the First Lady’s wishes” regarding the termination of the previous staff. Did that show the Clintons could be trusted?

All of these things sound quite menial when you look at the bigger picture of the Clintons when they were using their political power in office.

As President of the United States, Bill Clinton turned rooms of the White House into condos of sorts. The Lincoln Bedroom is a room on the second floor of the White House that was at one time Abraham Lincoln’s personal office. Under Clinton, it served as an overnight apartment for top political donors. Between 1995 and 1996, donors who gave a total of $5.4 million to the Democratic National Committee—including businessman William Rollnick, who gave $235,000 to the DNC, and investor Dirk Ziff, who gave $411,000—stayed overnight as White House guests. He literally used the White House to fund his own party’s initiatives.

Clinton also bombed a pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan that supplied most of Sudan’s medicines to very ill citizens. Clinton said he had suspicions that the plant was making a nerve gas to supply to Osama bin Laden’s military forces, which was never proven to be true. In the end, between the destruction of the plant and the many patients it affected, tens of thousands of people died. Author Jason Burke wrote is his book, Al-Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Terror, that the bombing “confirmed to [bin Laden and his cohorts], and others with similar views worldwide, that their conception of the world as a cosmic struggle between good and evil was the right one.”

President Clinton's bombing of a pharmaceutical plant that he suspected of have weapons of mass destruction resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

President Clinton’s bombing of a pharmaceutical plant that he suspected of have weapons of mass destruction resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

As a New York Senator, Hillary voted in favor of a bankruptcy bill that she had previously convinced her husband of vetoing while he was president. Why? Because at the time, Hillary was receiving millions from the financial sector. If she were to vote down a bill that would help the financial sector make more money, she probably wouldn’t have made it as a New York senator, or better yet on Wall Street.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) even said that when Hillary was First Lady, she fought for her beliefs. As New York’s newest Senator, she couldn’t afford to do such a thing. Hillary’s biggest campaign contributions came from Wall Street, and she couldn’t jeopardize her political future for the poor people of the United States.

Hillary also found herself in the middle of a firestorm with the Benghazi scandal. Upon hearing of the attack on Sept. 11, 2012 that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, Clinton tried to spin the attack as spontaneous. It was later proven to be a planned terrorist attack that U.S. officials, including Hillary, who was Secretary of State at the time, knew about ahead of time. She was also accused of failing to protect U.S. installations by denying American forces the backup they requested prior to the attack.

Prior to the Benghazi attack in 2012, Secretary Clinton declined a request for backup from the American Consulate.

Prior to the Benghazi attack in 2012, Secretary Clinton declined a request for backup from the American Consulate.

Whether they are selling out to Wall Street to make a quick buck, or they are dismissing those in need to further their own careers, the Clintons are neither decent nor trustworthy. The 2016 election is a prime example that they are finished. Bill Clinton served his two terms, which we are still cleaning up after, and Hillary has jumped to every position imaginable and still couldn’t land in the White House. The Clinton Empire has faltered. It has finally imploded, and American politics are changing swiftly to make sure it never creeps back in again.