JUST IN: Trump CONFIRMS Social Security Recipients Will Now Get THIS Each Month

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump regularly promised to protect Medicare and Social Security.

“As President, I’ll secure and strengthen Medicare and Social Security,” Trump said during his campaign. “We’ll do this with strong economic growth — by bringing our jobs back from Mexico and China, by creating new jobs and stopping U.S. corporations from abandoning our country. Americans will NOT lose their programs under Trump.”

Now, he’s delivering on his promise on even a larger scale.

Trump reportedly just announced that monthly payment is increased to $1,360 for single recipients and $2,260 for married couples. In addition, Social Security recipients who still work will be able to earn more this year without being penalized.

Thanks to Trump, recipients under 65 can earn up to $16,920 and those turning 66 can earn as much as $44,880, up $3,000 from 2016.

To top it off, Trump is bringing an unprecedented number of jobs back to the U.S. and the economy is booming.

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