State Dept. Officials Turn On Hillary – Drop Criminal Bombshell On Her Hours Before Election

Two State Department contractors, with decades of experience protecting the United States’ most sensitive secrets, spoke out for the first time last night about how corrupt Hillary Clinton was as Secretary of State, saying how the rules of government did not seem to apply to her and her team.

“The State Department was her oyster and it was great for the [Clinton] foundation and great for the Clintons to be able to have such a great position,” Dave Whitnah told Fox News, adding that he worked within the State Department’s Office of Security Technology which is responsible for cameras and alarms and sweeping for bugs. He said that everyone was aware that the Secretary of State is the primary target of foreign intelligence services.

“The number one person would be the secretary of state and their communications,” Whitnah explained. “You can think of the Iran negotiations, nuclear negotiation, negotiations with Russia, talks with Russia. You know, anything to do with foreign policy.”

He pointed out that tens of millions of dollars were spent on technical security for Clinton, yet this was disregarded by her entire team.

“It was unfathomable that [her BlackBerry] would be used for anything other than just unclassified communication,” Whitnah said.

Government contractor Amel Smith was working at the State Department in January of 2009, when Clinton was sworn in as Secretary of State.

“State Department rules are clear. I helped write those rules,” he said.

Smith reviewed some of the FBI witness interviews from the Clinton email investigation, and he questioned the people who said they did not to have the proper training in handling sensitive information.

“I hear things like, well, I forgot, um, I don’t know that I was trained, I don’t know this. You know — every single person that had access to that information when it was sent is in violation,” Smith emphasized.


State Dept. Officials Turn On Hillary – Drop Criminal Bombshell On Her Hours Before Election
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