Tom DeLay: “God Gave Trump A Clean Slate To Turn This Country Back Into A Christian Constitutionalist Conservative Country”

During an interview with ultraconservative conspiracy theory website WorldNetDaily last week, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay promoted his newest book, “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth,” and thank God for giving the Religious Right a “clean slate” to change America through Donald Trump.

“Now that Trump is elected, I’m very excited about it because I see now what God is doing,” DeLay said. “First of all, he stopped the left in its tracks and he stopped Hillary Clinton and put a man in place that was a strong leader, which the country was begging for.”

“I think I see what God’s intentions were,” he continued. “Here’s a man that basically is a clean slate and we, being Christian constitutionalist conservatives, have an opportunity to fill in that slate …  We, being strong Christians conservatives, are going to have an opportunity to really turn this country around in a bold way.”