Senior British army officer and former deputy supreme allied commander General Sir Richard Shirreff has a grave warning. He says that NATO faces “nuclear war with Russia in Europe” and that the United States is already technically at war with Russia. Thanks Obama.

His article on CNN states that the west is currently facing the biggest threat from Russia since the Cold War. Putin plans to “re-establish Russia’s status as one of the world’s great powers.” He intends to do this by marching into the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

They say that history repeats itself, and that is exactly what has happened with Obama and the rest of the west. Shirreff has compared their actions to the appeasement of ADOLF HITLER. Before World War II, the tactic of appeasement was used to make sure that war was avoided. And yet our moronic leader must have missed that.

Shirreff claims that Moscow, “may have already lit the fuse that could lead to the unthinkable: nuclear war with Russia in Europe.” But that is not the only thing that the United States has to worry about.

Under Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, someone who attacks one NATO member country represents an attack on ALL member countries. That means that if Russia were to have its troops go into Baltic countries, the United States would be at war with Russia.

 “A Russian attack on the Baltic states puts America at war with Russia — meaning nuclear war, because Russia integrates nuclear weapons into every aspect of its military doctrine.” Again this needs to be stressed. There is absolutely NO coming back from nuclear war. The fact that this was allowed to happen is incredibly scary and disturbing to think about.

But it gets worse. Shirreff states that “Russia is at war with America already.” He also states the unproven claim that Russia is behind the email hacks that led to the publishing of emails from the Clinton campaign, courtesy of WikiLeaks. This means that the Democrats consistent pounding that Russia is behind the hacks is leading us into nuclear war.

“And don’t think Russia would limit itself to the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. Any form of nuclear release by the Russians would almost certainly precipitate nuclear retaliation by the United States, and the dreadful reality of mutually assured destruction and the end of life as we know it would follow.”

So the Democrats insistence on blaming Russia is NOT HELPING. In fact it is only making things worse! President Obama and his insistence to blame Russia for anything that goes wrong with the Democrats is just going to make things a lot worse for this country, and the world!

Shirreff’s article happened around the same time that a fleet of Russian warships passed through the English Channel earlier today. The Royal Navy is closely monitoring that. So every situation is pointing to the fact that Obama and the rest of the West’s decision to just have appeasement is starting to backfire.

To add to the tension, Kremlin insider Sergei Markov has warned that war between the United States and Russia could break out “even before the November elections in the U.S.” He has urged citizens to stockpile food.

State-owned television stations are urging citizens to find out where their nearest nuclear bomb shelter is located. 40 million Russians from all levels of the military and government took part in a massive emergency evacuation drill earlier this month. This is all thanks to Obama and his decisions!

This is far from the only thing that Obama has done wrong that Russia hasn’t liked. Obama also had a decision that would allow up to 9,000 ISIS soldiers relocate because he wouldn’t bomb a city until all the citizens were out. If they are allowed a chance to escape, then naturally ISIS soldiers are going to disguise themselves and leave with them! Guess who was against that? RUSSIA.

And who could forget when Obama wanted to have war with Russia because they were actually taking out the targets in ISIS! He wanted them to stop bombing some of the areas that had ISIS soldiers in it. Once again, Russia wasn’t happy with that!

Share this article with EVERYONE. We need to know that Obama and his terrible decisions have just started the end of the world! Russia is threatening nuclear war and that would wipe out everyone on Earth. Naturally the Democrats insistence to blame Russia with everything isn’t helping in the slightest!

You know what would have been a better decision? NOT DOING THESE ACTS IN THE FIRST PLACE! Then there wouldn’t have been hacks and there wouldn’t be the threat of NUCLEAR WAR. Congratulations Obama, you might have just ended the entire world.


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