Who Is Traitor Kasich Voting For? He Finally Makes What He Wants Clear [Video]

CNN interviewed Kasich where he finally let his true feeling out. First he talked about how the Transpacific Trade Agreement is vital, and the opponents of it are Vladmir Putin and a regressive leader of China. At this point the reporter reminded Kasich that Donald Trump also is against this trade agreement.

Kasich revealed that he is angry that the Republican Party seems to be walking away from free trade. She went onto ask if people will judge him for sitting down and meeting with Obama two months before the election. He says he welcomes people criticizing me for “putting his country ahead of his party.”

He mentioned that he wanted to get Republicans out to vote. “For Donald Trump?” asked the reporter. “Get Republicans out to vote, period.” When asked who he would vote for he said “I’ll let everybody know when, but I think my actions have spoken very loudly, louder than even my words.” She asked if he would vote for Trump. “Very unlikely. Too much water under the bridge,” says Kasich. Check out the video below.


Source: conservative101.com