Transgender ‘Girl’ Shocked That Boys Aren’t Interested in Her, Blames Trump!

It’s sad that we’ve come to this point in human history where biological males who are attracted to other biological males don’t understand that heterosexual biological males aren’t interested in them sexually even if they dress up like girls and learn how to do contour makeup. This is apparently something trans teens hadn’t considered before deciding to live like girls. Parents of these teens must accept some responsibility for allowing them to deny science and chase after the imagined unicorns in their heads. The Mirror reports that transgender teen “Claire” is having some difficulty dating.

Hoping on finding a boyfriend, she reveals that she doesn’t like telling people the truth and is desperate for an operation.

She says: “In a lot of ways, I don’t like telling a guy. Once I tell him all respect goes out of the window.”

“Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts.

“Once I’ve had or get the surgery, I think it will change a lot for me because right now if I meet a straight guy and he doesn’t know – we can’t get physical if I don’t tell him.

“And then if he finds out, things just get so complicated, I can’t even begin to explain.”

“Also it doesn’t help that we have homophobic president”

There are several problems here. For one, “Claire” doesn’t understand basic biology and sexuality. Ze should have learned in zer 6th grade health class or from her parents that, generally speaking, the vast majority of males are attracted to females. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, ever. But perhaps even worse than not understanding how human sexuality works and denying science, “Claire’s” parents never imparted to her the importance of honesty. This biological boy knows enough to know that making out with a heterosexual boy while he still has his male parts would be a mistake. But he thinks it would be okay to lie to a heterosexual boy about a sex change operation simply because the other boy “wouldn’t know.” This is a recipe for disaster.

Lying to people to entangle them in a sexual relationship is a heinous thing, but especially when you are dealing with another person’s sexuality which is so closely tied to identity and ego. A man who is attracted to females does not want to have sex with a biological boy and tricking him into doing so is likely to lead to and inflict a great deal of pain and possibly drive him to commit murder. This is not an acceptable outcome for either person and can be avoided simply by practicing honesty. There may be heterosexual men who would be okay with dating someone who was born a boy but they have the right to make that decision. It’s not something that should ever be done without informed consent.

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Transgender ‘Girl’ Shocked That Boys Aren’t Interested in Her, Blames Trump!