Trey Gowdy Pitches Legislation To Prevent Another Future Outlaw Obama

Those who are somewhat familiar with the views of Rep Trey Gowdy know that he has long been an advocate of allowing local law enforcement to handle federal immigration cases in cooperation with the Federal Government. He’s been frustrated by the limitations of the system as it is currently structured and subject to the exploitation that is taking place under the outlaw in charge in the White House.

Gowdy opens the video by stating his belief that, “Our country’s immigration system is broken. Our laws are not being enforced and most Americans are weary of the so-called reforms coming out of Washington. For nearly thirty years Americans have been promised and an immigration system that works for all Americans. Those promises have not been kept and both political parties bear responsibility for that.”

He continues, “Right now, the ‘president’ of the United States is able to shut down the enforcement of some of our immigration laws because he does not like those laws. (And because Congress is gutless and refuses to impeach him) Never mind that he took an oath to faithfully execute the law. Never mind that you have to follow all laws whether you agree with them or not. And never mind respect for and adherence to the law is the bedrock of a functioning democracy.”

Gowdy says, “As we move towards and immigration system that works for all Americans and a system worthy of your respect, we should keep in mind the primary function of government is the safety and security of the American people. That is true on the national level with national defense. It is true on the state and local level with law enforcement and police officers.”

Rep Gowdy apprises the American people of a bill that is currently in the House Judiciary Committee, designed “to strengthen the interior enforcement of our immigration laws by allowing state and local governments to enforce federal immigration laws. In doing so, we remove the ability of this or future presidents of either party to systematically shut down portions of the law to suit their political purposes.”

He recognizes the role that visa overstays play in the problem and makes the argument for why state and local officers are more than capable of handling the relatively commonplace duties associated with immigration enforcement.

It is vital that Americans take advantage of this opportunity, having the Republican numbers that we do and the affronts to our Republic that have been waged by the crooked anti-American Obama regime. This is our chance to fix what’s broken. If we fail to capitalize on this opportunity now, and another corrupt Democrat regime comes into power, we have every reason to believe that the offenses we’ve endured for the last eight years and more will once again be inflicted upon us. This is a great beginning, but there is a lot of repair work that needs to be done, and some preventative maintenance.


Trey Gowdy Pitches Legislation To Prevent Another Future Outlaw Obama
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