THE TRUE DEPLORABLES ARE: Hillary, Obama, NFL Thugs, BLM & The Insanely BIASED ‘Media’



Since we’re loading people in baskets (seriously, who talks like that?) and calling them deplorable… let’s put together a real-world group that fits the bill.

We can start with the obvious ones, Hillary and the Obamas.


Deplorable — busted in obvious lies:

Deplorable in the ‘Bimbo eruptions’, deplorable in Pay-for-play Clinton Foundation and Secretary of State dealings. (Ask her about Uranium the next time she mentions ‘Putin’)

For a longer list of Hillary’s Deplorables, look here.

We could look at his golf record. (notably is failure to green-light a rescue operation because he was unavailable: i.e. — on the back nine)

Or how both he AND Hillary put personal priorities (including fundraising and golf) ahead of the good people of Louisiana.

We could look at his Apology tour, the fact that the three ‘Axis of Evil’ nations all became greater threats under his Presidency. (Isis in Iraq, Iran purchasing nuclear materials, N. Korea holding nuclear tests, and sabre-rattling.) There was leaving Israel in the cold, celebrating the ‘Arab spring’ that lead to the Syrian crisis, there was destabilizing Libya… Benghazi… on and on.

There was THIS gem:


Obama was a train wreck. His wife was no better.

But they both went into the White House to repair fragile race relations.

What a fantastic job they’ve done of that!

Then we have THESE guys:

Taking up for THESE guys:

And These ones:

Which pretend to have no causal connection to things like this:

or this:

Rioters, in turn, were aided and abetted by these guys:

For the mess we’re in.

Since we’re talking about baskets?

These leftists are the REAL bunch of basket cases.


THE TRUE DEPLORABLES ARE: Hillary, Obama, NFL Thugs, BLM & The Insanely BIASED ‘Media’