Pic From Trump’s New War Room Comes Out & Everyone INSTANTLY Notices Something Very Different

After the missile strike on Syria’s airbase last night, when President Trump delivered a bold message to the Assad regime about who’s in power now, a photo from the improvised situation room was released. As soon as the image got out, everyone immediately noticed something very different in it which sends a big message to all of America’s enemies.

Trump is working away from the White House right now as he’s at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida entertaining Chinese President Xi Jinping and his delegation, the Daily Mail reported. The resort is set up to accommodate his presidential duties, including secluded “war room” which came into use yesterday after he ordered the air strike on Syria.

A photo taken from te tense situation when 59 tomahawk missiles dropped in a controlled attack has now been made public, not unlike the infamous shot of Barack Obama in a similar situation when he was receiving information on a mission to kill Osama bin Laden. However, there is one glaring difference between the two shots that speaks volumes and didn’t go unnoticed.

As Trump sat at the head of the table surrounded by his top staff watching the aftermath, it was evident that he was in charge and leading the attack – which is what we expect our Commander-in-Chief to do. On the contrary, when Obama was in the situation room, he’s off to the side, sitting behind others who took the lead, and not even at the table. The difference in demeanor is a very clear representation of both presidents.

Photos often speak a thousand words, which is definitely the case in this scenario. Just as Obama would never order an air strike as punishment for a leader of a nation poisoning his people, he takes a back seat to bin Laden finally being taken out. Trump takes action and is in control, which is why he sits at the head of the table where he can leads a nation out of the mess that his predecessor left.

Pic From Trump’s New War Room Comes Out & Everyone INSTANTLY Notices Something Very Different
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